Rates and Promotional Packages

Real Effective Conversation in Spanish From very Basic Level on… and up to very Advanced Levels (since I am a certified translator, too) * Fun, Friendly and Affordable Lessons *Standard Spanish and the main regional varieties.

IN PERSON (Private: One on One lessons) 

My rate for private lessons is very competitive to similar services and quality, and they include all study material: your book and audiovisual material.

Regular monthly courses
Great Discount and Free extra time

The above rates apply for individual lessons all over San Francisco City. For other cities in BA, meetings will be near BART or a small transportation fee may apply. Discounts are not cumulative: No coupon or external deal apply on already discounted packages.

You will get a great deal for sure, guaranteed…

 … To keep making progress toward your goal, no matter your level. We will make use of the latest technologies and materials in each course. Each class is customized and tailored to what the student(s) need.   We work on pronunciation, grammar, culture, but above all  Conversation                   


A comment on rates:  With me, you pay the same or less than a monthly group course. But, you end up paying less than any course in any school that usually has 5 to 8 or more students, which makes the course longer and less productive for each. My rates include your book recordings and handouts as the course requires it.

Comparative advantages of my courses – Why Study with World in Spanish?

  • My rates include tailored recordings, multimedia material (video clips, audio, movies, online material, etc.) and printed handouts as study material as the course develops. You also get your book.
  • You get discounts for the first month and, for private lessons, savings in the form of free extra teaching time following month 3.
  • With World in Spanish, you pay the same or less than a monthly course at ‘large’ bloated schools.
  • You have flexibility in scheduling your private lessons as only month to month (or small package) commitments and therefore, better logistics and more chances to achieve your goal.
  • Individualized, one-on-one instruction: a much faster way to learn than in large groups.
  • Very competitive rates with discounts And… You also will know you are with A ‘Pro’ with 20+ years of teaching experience.
 And you may customize your private lessons based on your schedule, budget, and goals would be glad to help you speak the language at the best at your current level and increase it also within a good period of time. And You will Keep making progress toward your goal, no matter your level. We will make use of the latest technologies and materials in each course. Each class is customized and tailored to what you need.   We work on pronunciation, grammar, culture, but above all conversation confidence…  quote of your personal course once we explore the possibilities that best suit your goals, objectives, and all logistics factors like number of meeting monthly
Payment Information:   Courses are scheduled on a monthly basis, for an packages of  4, 6, 8 or 12 hrs of instruction or more.  We scheduled dates together for a month period, and you can make changes on dates with a 24 hr. notice.
In Francisco’s lessons ‘everyone’ takes charge of their best level…

Corporate Lessons (One on One and Groups)

Individual Lessons and Groups can be given at your facilities all over the Bay Area. Please contact me directly for a personalized quotation starting at $100 an hour, for 1 to 3 participants.Adding $25 for each additional one. And leveling off at $200 for 7 to 10 participants



 Via video conference on free programs like:  Skype, Google Hang Outs, Yahoo, Whatsapp, other messengers  for the Busy individual or less accessible areas, anywhere, anytime.


  • Get my Initial Online Promotional Deal: $144 for 4 one and a half hours (6 hrs total) of online lessons, save 20% off the regular rate $180 for the first month.
  • There is a chance to get a reduced time course (of 4 hrs. a month) for $ 120, but it needs more preparation and outside practice.1 trial lesson on line AT 50% OFF for those interested in this choice.

Join me there

FIND ME ON DUOLINGO NOW: if you are already subscribed or want to try it, join me

For online lessons, you can pay on my website, through PayPal, bank deposit, or through postal money orders and checks. You will receive an receipt for the monthly scheduled lessons. And in the S.F. Area, cash is also accepted.       


Courses Scheduling And Logistics: We will choose a day and time to meet and that will be considered our basic schedule. If you have varied/changing professional or personal schedules, we can agree on a weekly programming of the lessons.

  • It is very important for the student to commit to attending the number of lessons agreed upon every month.  If students must reschedule, they will have a choice of rescheduling in the following ways:
    • Students can request a change of schedule or cancel a lesson without any charge if they contact Francisco >24 hours in advance.
    • For cancellation, students can also contact Francisco from 24 to 12 hours before a lesson with a charge of 50%. Shorter notice will have a full charge.
  • The quoted cost is for a monthly number of hours which gives students a better price than a smaller number of hours.
  • You can have 3, 2 or even 1 lesson a month, but these will have a regular price only (no discounted prices) I can provide you with a specific quote if you are unable to meet for our original plan of 4 weekly courses a month.
  • Courses are prepaid (that is, at the first lesson of the first month, and then and the end of each month following the initial one).

Here: intro’ to Latinos, plazas and greetings, from my  YouTube Channel:

Your very first lesson in Latino Culture and language of course


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